About Us

Emotions Make the World Go Round

Everything we do at Canvs stems from our obsession with human emotions. We believe that feelings have an enormous, unseen influence on the world, which may hold the secret to many of our biggest challenges. By advancing knowledge of how emotions can be consistently and accurately measured, Canvs enables people to understand each other better and communicate more effectively.

Canvs is the industry standard in emotion measurement. We use patented semantic analysis technology to understand how people feel, why they feel that way, and the business impact. Our clients include some of the world's largest media companies, brands, and agencies. Organizations including Comcast, Fox, Turner and Netflix use Canvs to create research efficiencies, unlock marketing opportunities and increase revenue with the power of emotional insights. Canvs is an official Facebook Media Solutions partner, and Nielsen Social's sole provider of qualitative insights.


What You Can Expect of Us



Looking at large amounts of data can be daunting for anyone. We get it. Your experience using Canvs should be clear, concise, and easy. After your on-boarding experience, we promise that using Canvs will feel like a natural and intuitive part of your work process.



We love the diversity and fast pace of conversation in today's world, and the rich tapestry of emotions that it weaves. Our goal is to increase understanding and empathy, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of having a voice.



Canvs makes it easy to understand the business impact of emotions. What motivates your customers to engage and buy? Why do they choose the brands and products they do? What happens when feelings change? We promise to deliver meaningful insights, based in precise emotion measurements, with the speed and efficiency your business demands.


Our advanced emotion measurement platform empowers the biggest names in media and entertainment to understand and predict behavior based on how people react to their content across social media.
— Dr. Sam K. Hui PhD, Chief Data Scientist

Canvs Leadership Team


Board of Directors


Josh Lamstein
KEC Ventures

Jared Feldman
Founder & CEO, Canvs


Recent Honors


Inc. 5000 is a distinguished editorial award, a celebration of innovation, a network of entrepreneurial leaders, and an effective public relations showcase.

Founder & CEO Jared Feldman was named to Forbes 30 under 30 Class of 2017.

In 2017, Canvs was named to the ARF A-List Innovators List, a group of innovative startups handpicked by industry research executives.