How Ampsy Added Audience Emotion Measurement to Its Live Events Analytics



The Challenge

Social media has revolutionized the way that people experience events. It empowers attendees to connect and interact with one another and to express themselves through the event. In fact, it even contributes to the desire to attend. According to Eventbrite, 48% of Millennials say they attend events “so they have something to share” on social media.[1]

Tracking and analyzing what those attendees share has enormous value for the biggest brands in music, sports, retail, travel, and conferences. That's why Canvs has partnered with Ampsy, the leader in live events analytics, to deliver location-centric audience emotion insights at events. Below we analyze how Canvs developed these custom integrations and the impact they had on Ampsy's capabilities. 

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Our Approach

The Ampsy platform is a live-event media aggregation service that offers insights about attendees who use social media during games, concerts, conferences, and more. Ampsy analyzes and classifies these users, discovering prospective customers and influencers who can be activated for future marketing campaigns.

While Ampsy is at the forefront of location-based audience discovery and analytics, it wanted to enhance its service with an understanding of how event moments resonate with attendees emotionally. Unsatisfied with traditional binary sentiment analysis (positive/negative), Ampsy wanted its platform to feature the depth of true emotion measurement found in Canvs.

For its first foray into event analytics, Canvs applied many learnings from its in-depth experience with TV networks and brands. The API that Canvs developed for Ampsy is custom built to serve the needs of professional sports teams, music industry organizations, and others who can utilize emotion measurement data for better programming and business outcomes.

With the new API, Ampsy now has the capability to:

  • Get live feedback at trade shows and conferences. Measure how attendees react to the announcement of a new product or feature release, even if they don’t use your hashtag. Which enables you to course correct event messaging in real time based on Emotional Reactions.

  • Manage customer support issues in a critical location. For instance, monitor conversations at a specific airport for customer complaints about your airline, especially as emotions heat up. Since Ampsy pinpoints the location of the commenter, you can take real action immediately.

  • Identify and engage influencers at live events. When a relevant influencer with a large social following attends your concert, it’s a valuable marketing opportunity. With Canvs emotion measurement capabilities built in, Ampsy enables you to track their experience and identify opportunities to generate more Love and Excitement.

Sentiment analysis isn’t enough, and with Canvs we have a true view into how event attendees feel about the live content they’re experiencing. Emotion measurement data gives us a more granular understanding into the specific moments that people love.
— Jeremy Gocke, CEO, Ampsy

Key Takeaways

By integrating the Canvs API into its platform, Ampsy has added a new world of opportunities for its customers. By offering accurate, real-time insights into audience emotions, Ampsy empowers its clients to develop more impactful marketing and programming initiatives and to elicit more emotions at future events.

Canvs APIs allow you to get a full emotion measurement from any source – not just social media. Contact us today to discover how Canvs APIs can add the power of emotional insights to your platform or application.


[1] Event Trends for Millenials, EventBrite

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