2.0 Experience Now Exclusive View in Canvs


At Canvs, we are constantly working on new and innovative ways for clients to use our data to tell a better story. 2.0 was our first major overhaul of the platform we created nearly three years ago — and we’re proud that clients can now exclusively enjoy this experience.

Here are a few of the reasons why clients are so excited to continue to transition their daily work to the 2.0 experience:

  • More data than ever: The Canvs 2.0 experience focuses on the data you want to see the most. Toggle between 24/7 or linear, look at content on Twitter TV, Facebook, or YouTube (and soon Instagram!). With Canvs 2.0 there’s more data than ever, which means there are more ways to slice it.
  • Flexibility like never before: Segment how people feel about your content by the day of the week and network type in order to develop norms across Twitter TV at large. Now, you can explore new ways to answer your most pressing questions about how people feel about your content.

  • Increased Functionality: With Canvs 2.0, not only can you complete every type of analysis you could in 1.0 — we’ve made it easier to do so. Between our recent launch of Explore for Twitter TV, our Branded Content filters in Facebook, or our cross-platform Compare, we’re able to bring to life your data in a more compelling and nuanced way.

Clients: Be sure to update your bookmark to redirect to app.canvs.social.

Have questions about the transition to 2.0? Reach out to your account representative to learn more at cs@canvs.tv.