Streep Ignites Twitter with her Fiery Acceptance Speech at Golden Globes


Inspiring over 819,182 Emotional Reactions, the 2017 Golden Globes Awards kicked off award season with a star-studded event that generated some strong Reactions. Between celebrating the best in acting, writing, and directing on TV and in film and a controversial lifetime achievement award speech, this year’s Golden Globes was one for the books. We used Canvs data to pull back the curtain to see how Twitter felt about the night’s most memorable moments.

Broken TelePrompTer Kicks off a Slow Night for Comedy

While Jimmy Fallon might be famous for creating comedy gold in late night, it proved a challenge for him to maintain the same level of hilarity in primetime. Funny only made up 2.1% of all Reactions to Sunday’s show. Last year’s Golden Globes, with host Ricky Gervais, generated 3.7% total funny Reactions. That means viewers found it to be 43.2% less funny than its predecessor.

Streep Takes on Trump

The top moment from Sunday’s Golden Globes was Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B Demille Lifetime Achievement Award where she had terse words for President-Elect Donald Trump. 32% of all Tweets about about Meryl Streep contained some form of Emotional Reaction, with love making up 40% of all Reactions to her and her speech. Despite the discussion of whether it was the time and place for said speech, hate only made up roughly 5.9% of all Reactions to her.

La La Land ‘Makes It’ in Hollywood

The modern day music starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone swept the Golden Globes with over 8 nominations and just as many wins. Fans were eager to add to the accolades — with over 11.5% of all Reactions to the musical expressed a mixture of congrats and love. 4.6% of all Reactions expressed excitement for the stars and movie creators honors that night.

Final Thoughts

While La La Land had by all accounts a memorable year at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep’s fiery acceptance speech is likely to be what people remember most about this year’s award ceremony. What will you remember most from Sunday’s award ceremony?