Canvs Dives Deep On How Fans Felt About Super Bowl LI, Halftime Show


Everyone is still fired up about Sunday's epic Super Bowl. Between Gaga's electric performance, the 'oh-so-close' Patriots win, and a few controversial ads, there was a lot that happened which got fans feeling 'the wave' of emotions.

Here's some of our favorite insights from Sunday's big game and its (now!) infamous ads:

  • When it comes to Superbowl ads, the crazier the better. Audience members don't just want to be entertained, the ads need to stand out on their own. True to form, we saw the ads that drove the most crazy responses also drove higher shares. In fact, among the posts we analyzed, a 1% increase in crazy Reactions led to a 21% increase in shares. 
  • Audience members went crazy about the Stranger Things season 2 announcement. Fans' excitement about S2 of Stranger Things led it to be the most shared and most crazy Superbowl ad. People went nuts for the ad and also commented on how long they had to wait for Season 2 (Halloween 2017).
  • Movies and TV led the pack among the craziest ads. 3 of the top 5 Super Bowl ads were either movie trailers (Transformers and Fast and Furious) or series (Stranger Things). 

Looking to get more insight on how people felt about the game, the halftime show, and your favorite (and not so favorite!) ads?! Check out some of our best press hits below:

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