One 'Crazy' Oscars Night


It should come as no surprise that given the twists and turns during the last 15 minutes of this year’s Oscars that the 89th Academy Awards was still able to inspire the highest share of crazy Reactions despite generating the lowest ratings in recent Oscar history. With 1,545,619 Reactions, this year’s Oscars still held it’s own as a highly Reacted to television event. We dove deeply into some of the most Reacted to moments from the night to give you an overview of how fans felt.

Viewers Couldn’t Stop Feeling Love for Justin’s Performance

It all started with Justin Timberlake who performed his Oscar-nominated Song ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ from the movie Trolls. The performance inspired 10K love Reactions out of 20K total Reactions already at the start of the show.


Viola Davis Had Us Feeling the Feels

The win that inspired the most love (15K to be precise) of the night was the pretty in red Viola Davis’ who won Best Supporting Actress for her role in Fences. Her speech - which left many viewers in tears also inspired 1,488 cried Reactions.


Hidden No More: Katherine Johnson

The stars of Hidden Figures called in real NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson to the stage generating 25,799 Reactions and making it the moment with the most beautiful Reactions of the whole show with nearly 3K beautiful Reactions.


Tour the Dolby Theater

Later, host Jimmy Kimmel treated unsuspecting tourists to the thrill of a lifetime when he let them go on eye-to-eye with some of the biggest names in entertainment (and even get married by Denzel Washington himself!). The moment turned out to be the funniest moment of the show - with 4K funny reactions.  


Best Picture Who?

And, of course, the moment people will be talking about for years to come — the Best Picture snafu. After believing they had won Best Picture for nearly two and a half minutes, the producers of La La Land were finally told by Oscars producers that Moonlight had actually won the award, before they graciously handed the award over.  


The moment was so crazy that it generated 15K Reactions per minute and over 18K of crazy reactions out of 74,994 Reactions in total — making it, easily, the craziest moment of the night.

Even though this year’s Academy Awards inspired 943,340 fewer Reactions than last year’s show. Ultimately, with 1,545,619 Reactions, it is clear that Sunday’s show was one for the books!