Billboard, BuzzFeed, DanceOn Give Facebook Video Viewers All The Feels



Recently, we compared three Millennial-geared publishers with strong Facebook presences over the course of the entire month of November. Here's a look at what we found.


The authority on pop music is a very heavy Facebook publisher, who posted nearly 1,000 times in November. Turns out, the high volume of content is working for them. Billboard’s 10.2 million Facebook fans are engaged — with over a quarter (25.7%) of all comment including some kind of Emotional Reaction. Together, positive Emotional Reactions (including LoveFunnyEnjoy and Beautiful) made up 60.8% of all emotionally-charged responses. For this music publisher, it tugged on followers’ heartstrings with content tied to award shows and throwbacks. The post driving the most Emotional Reactions (8.9%) in November was “Evvverrrybooody rock your boooody… to these hits #MVE” — throwing it back generated 3,341 Emotional Reactions. For comparison, the second-most reacted to content mentioned BTS, the K-Pop group that rocked the American Music Awards  — “What’s your favorite BTS song” generated 926 Emotional Reactions.  



BuzzFeed “info-tains” Millennials about everything from current events to pop culture, so it’s no surprise that Funny accounts for 31.9% of Emotional Reactions. Funny is followed by a pouring of positive emotions, accounting for 44.3% of reactions (made up from LoveCrazyEnjoy and Beautiful). In a reflection of the current political climate, we found that the top video driving the Love Reaction was this SNL clip of Leslie Jones’ pep talk. Interestingly, the negative “dislike” emotional reactions (2.5%) were driven by “BuzzFeed,” revealing the followers with pre-existing biases about BuzzFeed but that continue to engage with its content.



An example of a passionate niche becoming mainstream is DanceOn, Madonna's digital entertainment network. DanceOn has added production talent to develop original episodic IP uniquely tailored for Facebook in addition to pop culture, snackable content. Facebook is an international platform, and dance transcends all languages-- and as an art form that is inherently emotional, it speaks across the screen, across demographics, and sparks a deeper connection with viewers.

Every month, DanceOn premieres official dance videos and dance documentaries “Dance Docs”, original MEMEs and more on Facebook, specifically tailored for the platform and its audience. Given the artistry behind the programming, DanceOn believes it’s important to learn how it emotionally resonates with viewers in addition to traditional engagement metrics.

DanceOn makes a point to speak to larger, timely themes on their Facebook page. In August, DanceOn did a collaboration with body-positive dancer Amanda LaCount, who is #BreakingTheStereotype in the entertainment industry. 42.9% of all emotions prompted by the video on Facebook expressed love. Other top emotions were Enjoy (12.2%), Beautiful(2.0%) and Cried (2.0%). And who can forget the 63 year old pole dancer and internet sensation, who garnered Love (34.8%) and Beautiful (5.0%) from viewers.

As choreography is a form of storytelling, it’s not surprising that many of DanceOn’s millions of fans feel compelled to speak out about its dance-centric content. Love accounts for 20.9% of emotional reactions. Overall, positive emotions (made up EnjoyCrazyBeautifulLoveExcitedHappy, and Funny) account for 90.5% of Emotional Reactions.

DanceOn’s audiences are primarily Gen Z and Millennials, so attention is at an all-time premium. Therefore, the trifecta of LoveFunny, and Crazy are especially important. Love increases brand affinity and loyalty, while Funny and Crazy content captivates viewers, even stopping scrolling in the news feed, and provokes them to comment and share. Crazy Reactions drive the most shares for DanceOn, speaking to dance’s provocative nature and the meme-sharing culture of younger generations. It's clear that digital natives care about finding and sharing a video first, and this mentality compels them to return to DanceOn’s page.