We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with experience location platform Ampsy. This partnership will empower clients to unlock granular location-based audience emotion insights across events like music, sports, retail, travel, et al.

Not familiar with Ampsy? Ampsy creates a virtual fence around a physical location, uncovering real-time posts from geo-enabled social media accounts — with no need for beacons, hashtags or third-party app data. That means they can provide important insights about attendees who take to social media during live events whether they use the proper tags in their post or not. Ampsy helps companies identify and gather this digitally-engaged live audience, uncovering people with influence over their followers to be used for future campaigns. Ampsy currently works with clients like Red Bull, Jimmy Kimmel Live, American Idol, Hyatt, W Hotels, among countless others.

Since we were founded in 2014 we’ve been tirelessly working to empower media companies to better understand how people feel about their content.

By plugging into our API, Ampsy will now provide clients with an understanding of the event moments which attendees loved, hated or ‘felt some type of way’ about. These emotion insights then provide a plethora of use-cases. One example is that content creators are now empowered to take the most ‘loved’ play in a game or moment in a concert and use it as video snippet for social media marketing. Canvs can even be used to identify themes, songs, and programming that people enjoyed the most, allowing companies to adapt their future marketing and programming decisions.

We are so excited to be able to take our emotion measurement capabilities to a whole new level of granularity. We’re working to redefine experiential marketing with Ampsy — and we hope you’ll join us.

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