Diving Deep into Tuesday's Broadcast Shows

Earlier this month, we released Explore 2.0 for Twitter TV. The latest version of Explore has already proven valuable to our clients who wish to do in-depth analysis by toggling between 24/7 and linear, segmenting analysis by day of the week, dayparts, and network types and seeing results by share, volume or rate.

We wanted to show our clients how these new types of analyses can come to life regarding some of the biggest emotional hits of the 2016-2017 TV season. We dove deep into Canvs Explore 2.0 for Twitter TV to find out the most Reacted to broadcast shows on Tuesday nights starting Labor Day Weekend 2016 until the second week of March. We found out that the Top 5 shows with the biggest volume of Emotional Reactions are (in order): The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, This Is Us and Supergirl.

The Voice

The Voice generated the highest volume of Emotional Reactions out of any other Broadcast show on Tuesday nights since Labor Day weekend 2016, with 309,343 Reactions. It’s also the show that generated the highest share of love Reactions out of every other show during the same period.

Their Facebook page generated 296,324 Reactions with the top emotional driver of Emotions is judge Gwen Stefani, who generated 14,886 Reactions. Fans expressed how much they love her and her looks and also how excited they were with her return to the show. Blake Shelton inspired  13,497 Reactions. People continued to express how funny and cute he is - and how both of them are great together.

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars inspired the second most Emotional Reaction volume during that time frame. Even though the show premiered their 24th season only 2 weeks ago, it has already generated 204,304 Reactions.

The show’s top driver so far is Normani Kordei, a contestant, who generated 8,588 Reactions. People find her amazing and think she is going to ‘slay’ it on the show. She is followed by Simone Biles who is the second top driver of the show, with 2,698 Reactions. People were super excited with the news of her being on the show.

The Bachelor 

Ranked third in terms of most Emotional Reactions is The Bachelor, which inspired 181,350 Reactions. It is also the show that got the highest share of hate Reactions out of every other Broadcast show airing on Tuesday nights since Labor Day weekend 2016.

The Bachelor’s Facebook page inspired 23,862 Emotional Reactions since Labor Day.

The Bachelor’s top driver is the bachelor himself, Nick Viall, with 70,107 Emotional Reactions. People have been strongly disliking him. They find him boring, calling him ‘the worst bachelor ever’.

This Is Us

Only in its first season, NBC’s This Is Us is already conquering hearts and fans, inspiring 127,697 Reactions since Labor Day Weekend.

Their Facebook page generated 239,360 Reactions.

This Is Us’ top driver is the actor Milo Ventimiglia who generated 13,327 Emotional Reactions. People love him, his work. They think he is handsome. Followed by the character that he plays on the show - Jack Pearson, who has 9,247 Reactions. People are saying that he is very sweet and the ‘best dad’ ever.


Already in its second season, CW’s Supergirl is ranked #5 in terms of highest volume of Reactions out of all broadcast shows during Tuesday primetime since Labor Weekend 2016, with 78,288 Reactions.

The Supergirl Facebook page inspired 8,140 Reactions during that time.

Supergirl’s top driver is the main character, Kara Danvers, who generated 12,672 Reactions. People love her and think she is a cute yet strong character. Followed by her sister’s character, Alex Danvers who generated 9,089 Reactions. People not only love her but think she is a badass too. The actress who plays Kara Danvers, Melissa Benoist, got the Top Talent spot, with 7,479 Reactions. Fans find her beautiful and love her performance.

As we know these are just some of the shows out there who are generating all kinds of buzz and this is just an example of the many types of analysis that you can do using the new Canvs Explore 2.0 for Twitter TV. There are endless possibilities and brand new features that can help you evaluate your show in the best way and we hope that you enjoy using it. 

Curious how to do a similar analysis on your end? Reach out to marketing@canvs.tv to learn more.