Full Transition to 2.0 Now Imminent with Launch of Explore 2.0 for Twitter TV


Much to the delight of our current clients, we are pleased to announce that Explore 2.0 for Twitter TV is now available in Canvs 2.0 — taking our analysis of Emotional Reactions to a more detailed, more scalable level than ever before.

Within Explore 2.0, users are now able to analyze Emotional Reactions across all of Twitter TV. Soon, you’ll also be able to analyze emotions across owned Facebook, and YouTube at scale within Canvs.


Here’s a quick rundown of what’s available in Explore 2.0.


Twitter TV Linear Data

Twitter TV 24-7 Data

Saved Searches *

Target Audiences *

Full Export

Users Export

Facebook Data *

YouTube Data *

*Coming Soon

Explore 1.0

Explore 2.0


Within Explore 2.0 for Twitter TV, you’re now able to:

  • Analyze 24/7 or linear data.

  • Segment analysis by day of the week, dayparts, and network types.

  • Develop norms across TV at large.

  • Order results by Reaction Volume, Reaction Rate, or Share.


That’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the added functionality now available in Explore 2.0 for Twitter TV.

  • Soon you’ll also be able to also analyze how people feel at scale across owned Facebook and YouTube.

  • Find the most loved show in your daypart, day of the week, network types.

  • Segment out which emotions people express 24/7.

  • Benchmark where your shows, networks rank among their competitors for Reaction Volume, Rate, or Share.

  • Determine how people feel in 24/7 vs linear window.

What’s next?

Now that Explore 2.0 for Twitter TV is live in Canvs 2.0, we have all the pieces necessary to successfully transition to Canvs 2.0 — and bid a final farewell to Canvs 1.0.

As a reminder to all current clients, Canvs 1.0 will be turned off on Monday, April 3rd. Have concerns? Reach out to your account executive today to get more details on the transition.

But wait! I noticed some other cool things on my dash. What am I looking at?

Explore 2.0 for Twitter TV was our biggest release but we also launched some other features that will change how you do analysis in Canvs 2.0. (Stay tuned for more information on each of these over the next few days).

  • BRANDED CONTENT FOR FACEBOOK: Filter by brands, brand partners, or brand categories. In addition to branded content, segment out posts by ‘message’ tags, ‘with’ tags, or filter post types by paid or organic. Learn about these terms here.
  • DRIVERS IN TWITTER TV SERIES PAGE: Dive deep into Reactions about characters and talent. Quickly see at scale who your most loved characters are. Get a breakdown on what percentage of emotional conversation was driven by characters/talent.

Reach out to your account representative to learn more about any of the above features.