Instagram is Now Available to Add to Your Canvs Dashboard

We are excited to share that Instagram is now available for clients to add to their Canvs experience alongside our Twitter TV, Facebook, and YouTube products.


Up until now, content creators have been limited to video views, likes, and total comments on Instagram — limiting the ability to make strategy content development decisions at scale. Now, Canvs clients can get an in-depth analysis of how users feel about their Instagram content.

We’re excited to share with users the ability to determine what content is resonating with fans while providing valuable insights into optimizing future content production — all through our emotion analysis.

What makes our Instagram launch that much more exciting is that this launch coincides with our latest addition to our core functionality — the ability to read and interpret emojis.

One question our clients have struggled with is: How can we understand how people feel when words aren’t even being used?

Nearly 50% of all comments on Instagram contain some kind of emoji, making understanding how people feel on the platform a unique challenge for content creators -- but fortunately not for Canvs clients.

With the ability to read and interpret emojis across Twitter TV, Facebook, YouTube, and now Instagram — the guessing game of how fans feel about content is no longer a factor as you strategize. That is enough for us to feel 😄happy.

Add Instagram to your Canvs experience by reaching out to or filling out the form below.

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