Founder & CEO Jared Feldman to Keynote at Media Insights & Engagement


Founder & CEO Jared Feldman will address the attendees of the Media Insights & Engagement Conference in a keynote presentation on Tuesday, February 6th.

During his keynote, Jared will dive into the countless ways in which market research is in the midst of a radical transformation — how big data is tearing through the industry like wildfire, replacing decades-old practices with faster, cheaper, and smarter tools.

More than anything else, Jared is excited to share the power of Canvs when applied to open-ended response questions and discuss the various ways in which our latest tool, Canvs Surveys, is already changing the way researchers perform their jobs (hint: it’s a lot).

The presentation will focus on three key areas:

  • The opportunity for traditional researchers to optimize open-ended responses with AI technology (Hint: It’s a big one because it’s the key to answering the critical question “why?”)
  • The bond between (un)natural language processing & traditional research practices
  • How Canvs moved beyond social into the world of open-ended response answers to offer an AI-powered, next-generation processing solution

If you’ll be in Miami, here's how to attend:

  • Date: Tuesday, February 6th
  • Time: 11:10 AM - 11:55 AM
  • Location: Grand Promenade in the main lobby level

We hope to see you there!