How Viewers Felt about Nielsen Social's Top 10 Most Social Fall Series


Today, Nielsen announced its list of the top 10 most social fall series within its Nielsen Social Media Report. The 2016 Nielsen Social Media Report takes an in-depth look at consumers’ media behavior, sentiment and activity surrounding Social Media by leveraging a variety of Nielsen solutions, including Nielsen Social Content Ratings. The report includes a list of the top 10 most social series this past fall ranked by total interactions across Facebook and Twitter. Get more information here.

Canvs was interested in learning why these shows were the most discussed. So we took a deep dive into the data to understand how fans on Twitter felt about the top ten shows from this past fall. Please note that all these insights are for episodes airing between September 1st and December 17th.

1. The Walking Dead — Season 7 kicked off with a few shocking deaths — and fans definitely had a lot of emotions to express about the matter. TWD ranked highest in volume according to Nielsen, but it also generated a Reaction Rate of 32.5 and generated approximately 6.4 Reactions per minute. Within Emotional Reactions, Love (16%) and Crazy (15%) were the top drivers.

2. Empire — Season 3 of Empire began with a bang (pun totally intended), resolving the season 2 rooftop brawl cliffhanger. Fans didn’t stop Reacting after they learned who fell off the roof (Anika or Rhonda), but continued to talk about how crazy season 3 was. In total, 15% of all Empire Reactions expressed crazy.

3. American Horror Story: 6 — It should be no surprise that out of the shows listed on Nielsen's top 10, AHS: 6 generated the highest share of afraid Reactions with 7.4%. The show also has quite the loyal following. Even after, six seasons on the air, fans still get excited about the show. 11.5% of all Reactions to the show during this time period expressed some form of excitement. 

4. The Voice — During Fall 2016, The Voice generated the highest share of love. 463,406 Reactions out of 938,777 expressed love. New coaches Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys no doubt helped generate those Reactions!

5. WWE Monday Night RAW — Monday Night Raw generated the highest share of Enjoyment among the top 10 airings for fall 2016. Fans liked to call out particularly well-executed wrestling moves during the matches. There was also a large amount of Funny, which was driven by fans laughing about some of the more far-reaching plot twists this season.

6. Saturday Night Live — Election season is always a big deal for Saturday Night Live, but the 2016 election season served up a special cocktail of funny with 11.8% of all Reactions expressing that emotion. The show also received the highest share of funny Reactions out of any other show in the top 10. Fans found Dave Chappelle’s hosting of an SNL to be particularly hilarious. 

7. Grey’s Anatomy — Grey’s Anatomy might be one of the more senior shows on the list, but it didn’t stop fans from feeling excited about its return. The show generated the highest share of excited Reactions — bringing in 12.0%.

8. This is Us — Although it is #8 on the list for volume of interactions, out of the top ten shows on this list, it ranked first for Reaction Rate. Meaning out of all the Tweets about the show 44.6% expressed emotion. Also, out of the top ten shows, This is Us generated the highest share of cried Reactions with 3.6% — further underscoring how the show can emotionally connect with fans. the show also generated the highest share of love Reactions out of any show on the list — with 47,523 Reactions out of 118,067 expressing that emotion.

9. Big Brother — Even though the show is in its 18th season, CBS still knows how to generate strong emotions from fans. In fact, during this time period, 8.5% of all Reactions to the show expressed crazy, mostly due to all the new crazy houseguests.

10. Dancing with the Stars — While DWTS ranked #10 on the top ten, it ranked number 1 for highest share of beautiful conversation out of list participants. Between the beautiful costumes, dances (and dancers!), is it any surprise? The show also received the highest share of congrats Reactions with 5.6% of total Reactions expressing that emotion. 

Regardless of your thoughts on the list of programs, it’s clear that these shows are generating a lot of Reactions from fans — with 33.3% out of all Tweets expressing a Reaction. No matter what combination of metrics you use to measure success, Canvs emotion analysis adds an additional layer of depth to your reporting by telling you how an audience felt about a particular piece of content.

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