One 'Crazy' Saturday Night


Saturday Night Live fans were feeling excited to see Jimmy Fallon return to the SNL stage this weekend for the first episode of SNL ever to air live coast-to-coast. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Jimmy who stole the night but his musical guest: Harry Styles — so much so that Harry generated 60% of all 82,124 Emotional Reactions on Twitter.

Since this was such a big night for SNL, we decided to analyze some of their ‘best sketches and videos’ posted on their YouTube channel to see which got fans the most emotional and why — after its initial airing.

A performance for the times

SNL’s YouTube videos from April 15th’s show generated on total 9,146 Emotional Reactions. The video that generated the most Emotional Reactions out of any other this month was the video with Harry Styles performing ‘Sign of the Times’, which generated 2,125 Emotional Reactions. The main emotions generated on that video was love (40%) and congrats (11%).


Spicer and the Easter Bunny

The comedy sketch from the 4/15 episode that generated the most reactions on YouTube was the ‘Easter Message from Sean Spicer's sketch where Melissa McCarthy, back in her popular impersonation of Spicer, generated 1,499 Emotional Reactions. The main emotions generated being funny (26%) and love (17%). This time, dressed as a giant bunny and explaining Easter’s origin, McCarthy’s Easter sketch came in 3rd on most Reacted-to videos during the month of April for SNL’s YouTube channel.


Jimmy Fallon or John Travolta?

Even though Jimmy Fallon wasn’t in any of the ‘top videos or sketches’, his Celebrity Family Feud: Time Travel Edition sketch (where he impersonated a young and an old John Travolta while Harry Styles impersonated Mick Jagger on a game of Family Feud) generated 1K Emotional Reactions. It is also the 4th most popular sketch of the night on SNL’s YouTube channel with the main emotions being funny (29%) and love (26.5%).


We all know that whenever Jimmy Fallon is on Saturday Night Live you can expect for fans to go crazy (he generated 1K crazy Reactions for this episode alone). Now when you put him together with the much loved Harry Styles (who generated 15,434 love Reactions on Twitter alone) then you can expect a night which got fans feeling some complex ways during the night — and in the following days on YouTube.