Chief Strategy Officer, Stuart Schwartzapfel, Acknowledged in NYC Television Week's 40 Under 40


We think all of our employees deserve trophies, so when one of them wins a big award, we’ve got to brag about it.

Stu Schwartzapfel, our Chief Strategy Officer, has been an essential part of our growth as a company, and he regularly wears many hats. He helps lead our sales team, serves as a client liaison, market analyst, and — perhaps most importantly — consistently contributes sarcasm and laughs into our lively office culture. (Follow him on Twitter here for a sample of his witticisms.)

We’re not the only ones who have noticed Stu’s success. NYC Television Week has named him one of their 40 Under 40 - he is honored as one of the top up-and-coming media leaders, pioneers, and visionaries. This is a tremendous recognition!

He’s featured amongst other big names in media, including Google, Adobe, Twitter, and Conde Nast. Even better, he shares the spotlight with leaders from some of our awesome client companies: Comedy Central, FOX, ABC, BET, Lionsgate, and Showtime.

We’re changing the game here at Canvs: as the television industry continues to evolve and deliver content in new and exciting ways, our insights only become more sought after and valuable. NYC TV Week gives attendees a glimpse of what’s next in the TV Industry, and we’re excited to be a significant part of this future.

At Canvs, we’re lucky enough to employ the best and brightest people - creative, innovative individuals who use their respective skills and amazing personalities to drive our company to success. We’re psyched that NYC Television Week has taken note of our many outstanding employees. Congrats, Stu - keep killin’ it!

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