Automate Processing of Open-Ended Responses, and Enjoy the Freedom to Ask Better Questions

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Nothing distinguishes a researcher better than their ability to formulate the right question. But all too often researchers have to curb that ability due to time and budgetary constraints. Because open-ended questions – the type that often elicits the most insightful responses – are considered too complex for automation. Until now. 

Introducing Canvs Surveys, a turnkey solution that automates many of the most complex and time-consuming tasks involved in open-ended survey responses. So researchers can focus on what they do best: asking the right questions, extracting insights from the answers, and telling stories that transform insights into action.




Process survey responses instantly rather than waiting weeks for hand-coding.


Eliminate subjective analysis by utilizing Canvs’ knowledge-base of trillions of language permutations.


Create emotional norms for historical results in order to benchmark for future planning.


Benchmark categories (e.g., comedy, drama) to establish key performance measures.


Compare results across several surveys in order to answer questions like: Who was the most Loved?



Canvs Surveys is a turnkey solution for researchers to automate the processing of open-ended responses, so they can focus on discovering insights.



Drawing on a Proven Track Record

The Canvs team is fascinated by the use of AI for processing natural language. Canvs Surveys accesses the same knowledge base of trillions of words, expressions, acronyms, slang, and emojis that makes Canvs TV and Canvs Campaigns the leading solutions for analyzing Emotional Reactions in social. And the same leading technology that ensures seamless integration, ease of use, and speed in reporting. 

Features Include:


Fast, Simple Data Upload
Drag and drop your Excel files into Canvs. Answer a few basic questions to help Canvs understand how your data is organized and where you want the analysis to focus. And hit “submit.” Your work is done and Canvs will present results within moments. 




Sophisticated Reporting
Browse, search, and explore your results from multiple angles and segmentations to find the insights and the story that only open-ended responses can tell. Canvs tells you how people feel by categorizing comments according to Emotional Reactions such as Love, Hate, and Funny.



Deep Dive into the Drivers of Emotions
Canvs doesn’t just tell you how people feel. We also explain why by performing a deep semantic analysis. Canvs helps researchers to explore these drivers using Word Cloud or Lists, and also invites you to drill down to individual verbatims.



Media Insights & Engagement Keynote 2018

In February 2018, Canvs Founder & CEO Jared Feldman gave a keynote address at the Media Insights & Engagement Conference where he introduced Canvs Surveys to the research community. Check it out.

ARF-Hosted Webinar: How Companies like NBC Are Using AI Technology to Revolutionize Their Pilot Season Testing

In May 2018, Canvs and NBC's Benoit Landry (Sr. Director, Program Research) partnered together to bring to members of the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) the latest insights in the power of AI technology for processing open-ended responses.

Key Benefits of Canvs Surveys


Get continuous and consistent emotional measurements and one-to-one comparisons.


Single Dashboard
Track emotional responses cross-platform. Display results with powerful visualizations.


Industry Benchmarking
Understand what’s special about your content in comparison to others.


Be the first to spot trends that are generating strong Emotional Reactions among customers and fans.


Canvs provides you timely results that quickly lead to action. No more setup or complex searching.


Course Correction
Identify what’s working (and what isn’t) to optimize your marketing efforts.



Analyze up to 5,000 open-ended responses immediately!