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Viewers aren’t the only ones getting emotional about shows on Facebook Watch. Show creators are eager to make hits and petrified of flops. That’s why we created Canvs Watch, the world’s only emotion measurement solution that can tell you about every Facebook Watch show ever run. Canvs Watch removes the doubt and uncertainty from content planning and creation by revealing what matters most: how viewers feel about what they’re watching.



Create engaging shows on Facebook Watch.

Plan new shows with the certainty about how to drive engagement and views.


Discover trends and benchmark performance.

Track top creators, shows, and genres ranked by emotional engagement.

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Measure emotional impact.

Learn how your show makes people feel, what characters or storylines drive the strongest emotions, and how that stacks up against the competition.




Canvs Watch is the world’s only emotional measurement solution that reveals insights about the content that is resonating most with audiences on Facebook Watch.


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The World's Only Solution for Measuring Emotional Impact on Facebook Watch

If you take nothing else away from this webpage, take this insight: there is a direct correlation between how emotional people get when they view your content and how likely they are to watch again and share it with others. Strong Emotional Reactions about your show and your characters are leading indicators of success, which is why the leading content creators use Canvs to track how audiences feel about them, their competitors, and even the genres in which they are working.

If you are creating shows for Canvs Watch, our solution can help you to answer questions such as:

  • What’s your show’s emotional signature?  Does your show drive more Funny, Excited, or Hate Reactions? If you’ve never used Canvs, you may be very surprised by how people react to your stories and characters and why they share them.

  • Are you in the right genre? Are you producing the right type of show for Facebook Watch? Canvs can tell you what types of shows are driving the most Emotional Reactions, whether it’s Comedies, Education, How-To’s, or News. Canvs can also tell you which shows and producers are the leaders in each genre.



Client Stories


How Virtually Dating Drives Viewership and Engagement on Facebook Watch


Key Benefits of Canvs Watch


Get continuous and consistent emotional measurements and one-to-one comparisons.

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Single Dashboard
Track emotional responses cross-platform. Display results with powerful visualizations.


Industry Benchmarking
Understand what’s special about your content in comparison to the industry at large.


Be among the first to discover trends that are generating strong Emotional Reactions among customers and fans.


Canvs provides you timely results that quickly lead to action. No more setup or complex searching.



Course Correction
Identify what’s working (and what isn’t) to optimize your marketing efforts.

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