Case Studies

See How We Help Users Make Smarter Business Decisions by Understanding How Audiences Feel



How to Use Canvs Surveys to Inform your Marketing Strategy

A premium spirits brand used Canvs Surveys to inform its experiential marketing strategy and increase the effectiveness of its marketing spends.


NBC Relies on Canvs Surveys to Get the Full Story During Pilot Season

See how Canvs Surveys’ open-ended response processing capabilities empowers TV researchers to uncover critical insights faster, more consistently, and at scale.

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How to Determine a Show's Overall Success with Emotion Measurement

See how NBC's This is Us used Canvs to better understand its audience's emotional response to individual episodes and characters, week over week and season over season. 



How Virtually Dating Drives Viewership and Engagement on Facebook Watch

What does success look like on Facebook Watch and how do you learn from it? We look at Virtual Dating, one of the platform's early smash hits, to determine what emotions drove its viewership and engagement. 



How to Optimize Trailers and Marketing Campaigns with Canvs Movies

Two films faced major box office challenges after receiving negative critical reviews. One bounced back to earn hundreds of millions, while the other tanked. What was the difference and how could Canvs have helped prevent the flop? 



How Ampsy Added Audience Emotion Measurement to Its Live Events Analytics

When the leader in live-event analytics, Ampsy, wanted to expand its service to include audience emotion measures, they turned to Canvs. Learn how our custom-designed API added a new dimension to their hyperlocal analytics and insights.



How to Measure an Ad Campaign's Success in Terms of Emotional Response

Was that Super Bowl spot worth the investment? One very reliable indicator of value is the emotional response, as measured by Canvs. Read on to see who we thought got the best Emotional Reactions in 2018's Super Bowl LII. 


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