Meet Canvs at NAB 2018

Will you be attending NAB 2018? If inspiring more viewers and driving engagement on Facebook Watch is your goal, then you’ll want to meet our team and see the Canvs Watch platform in action. Canvs Watch is the world’s only emotion measurement platform that is specifically made to improve the performance of your content on Facebook Watch.

Visit us in the Facebook Live Pavilion in the South Hall, Upper Lobby Area.

Leading content creators use Canvs Watch to:

  • Create engaging shows on Facebook Watch. 
    Plan new shows with the certainty about how to drive engagement and views.
  • Discover trends and benchmark performance. 
    Track top creators, shows, and genres ranked by emotional engagement.
  • Measure emotional impact.
    Learn how your show makes people feel, what characters or storylines drive the strongest emotions, and how that stacks up against the competition.

Canvs is the industry standard in emotion measurement. We use patented semantic analysis technology to understand how people feel, why they feel that way, and its business impact. Our clients include some of the world's largest media companies, brands, and agencies. Organizations including Comcast, Fox, Turner and Netflix use Canvs to create research efficiencies, unlock marketing opportunities and increase revenue with the power of emotional insights.

Stop by our booth anytime or sign up to meet with us now!

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