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Has your educational background impacted your day-to-day at Canvs? If so, how?

I actually have a background in music composition. I was classically trained and got into the tech field later on in my career. Tech fascinated me because, I find, it’s so similar to music. You’re solving a puzzle consisting of many different elements, and you need to have them work together in concert to create a compelling result. I apply these skills to Canvs, bringing a creative approach to analytics, which is often (unfairly) thought of as an ‘uncreative’ discipline. 

It’s a rainy sunday at home. What are you doing?

Depending on the Sunday, it’s anyone’s guess. I’ve got a few too many hobbies than are good for working at a startup. I maintain a home tiki bar, so I’m always experimenting with new drinks. I also love reading – history in particular. I just finished a great book on the life of Napoleon, and am currently wrapping up the history of Rum. (It’s more interesting than you’d think.) Writing music is always on the agenda, too — though now it’s all computer/electronics driven.

What’s your favorite Canvs moment so far?

I get excited every time I’m working with a client they get that 'a ha’ moment using Canvs. It’s an unmistakeable look — their eyes light up, they smile, and they start to see how impactful and predictive Canvs’ insights can be. We work with amazing clients who employ some of the most thoughtful and interesting people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. It’s an amazing feeling when I can help make their jobs easier or their work more meaningful. 

David Benson   Director, Client Services

David Benson
Director, Client Services

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