Gustavo Chavez   Sr. Enterprise Account Manager

Gustavo Chavez
Sr. Enterprise Account Manager

Meet Gustavo

What's your biggest personal accomplishment?

I moved a lot growing up. I lived in a total of 9 cities in 7 countries. It wasn't always easy, but in that constant state of flux, my parents and my brother were always my one ‘constant’. After leaving my parents to go to Canada more than 10 years ago, I've always wanted to make them proud.

In 2016, I finally did something I wanted to do and arranged a trip to Ecuador to surprise my parents. I told them I was in Mexico for work, but then I showed up at their door after not seeing them for a year and a half. I remember my cousin helped me execute my plan. I feel like that was a big moment for me. My parents’ faces… It was awesome!

Canvs tracks Emotional Reactions. What got you feeling ‘some kind of way’ about working here?

I'm excited about finally being able to pay off the more qualitative-type asks that I get from my customers. In a world that’s too often data-rich and insights-poor, Canvs has turned emotion into an element for measuring business KPIs, which is refreshing. In a way, it humanizes data. And then there’s of course, the opportunity they gave me to move from Toronto to Manhattan!

Describe yourself in 140 characters or less.

I’ve learned important languages throughout my life: Spanish, English, French, sarcasm, dad jokes and dark humor.

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