Melissa Wimberly   Front End Engineer

Melissa Wimberly
Front End Engineer

Meet Missy

What was your favorite activity that you did this week?

That’s an easy one! On Tuesday mornings I volunteer at a high school in Brooklyn where I teach students how to code. 

It’s so important that as a society, we work harder to make the tech industry more accessible to all different types of people. Teaching a group of young students how to code — who may not have had the opportunity otherwise — is my way to help diversify the future of the tech sphere.

Give us your emotional breakdown of a typical day at Canvs!

54% Excited Honestly I’m usually excited for most of my work day! I get to work on puzzles and problems that I’ve never solved before. I get to see the innovative ways that we as a company are making emotion a valuable currency. It’s really exciting being a part of this place! And I’m constantly excited about what’s to come next!

30% Supportive The best part about working here is my team! We are all fully supportive of one another. We all work together to solve big challenges, and ultimately just have each others' my backs. Above all, we treat each other with respect, and value each others’ contributions, no matter how big or small. They make me happy to come to work everyday.

10% Interesting The coding world is constantly changing. Our team makes it a point to keep each other up to date with the cool things that we learn.

5% Funny The people at Canvs are pretty darn funny. I find myself laughing with someone at least 5 times a day!

1% Badass I usually have boxing or cycling in the AM, so I feel like I always walk in feeling a little extra fierce 💪🏾

What did you eat for lunch today?

On the menu today was what I like to call a Missy-Medley — aka everything that I had in my fridge over greens. Today was black beans, sweet potato, corn, tomatoes and avocado over spinach. It’s my daily goal to make veggies cool!🌱👌🏾#plantpower

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