Zuzana Salka   Senior Enterprise Account Manager

Zuzana Salka
Senior Enterprise Account Manager

Meet Zuzana

Tell us a little about where you grew up.

Slovakia is just the most beautiful country! We’re in the geographic heart of Europe and have perfect access to nature and mountains. For me, it’s not so much where I am but who I’m with; however, when it comes to Slovakia, it’s my roots. It’s where I learned the core values that humble me and give me a sense of belongingness. I carry them with me wherever I go. Leaving Europe and the country that I grew up in made me appreciate what we left behind more than ever.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love running! I’ve been really active since I was very little, but my passion for running developed after moving to the US.

I actually lived in Boston when the unfortunate bombing happened, those sad events moved me and I wanted to finish the race for those who this opportunity was taken away from. I looked up some training tips online and qualified for my first marathon in Boston. The Boston Marathon is this running party with immense energy coming from the 30,000 runners and nonstop deep crowds of cheering feed you on your 26.2 miles long journey. As you can imagine, it was very emotional to finish that race.

How did you get involved with Client Success at Canvs?

I actually studied diplomacy and economics, and I graduated from a MBA program. But after working at hedge funds the first couple years, I felt as though something was missing. The creative outlet element I was aching for just wasn’t there. When I moved to Boston, I made the decision that I wanted to venture out of what I was classically trained to do.

At Canvs, there’s this constant curiosity and drive to find the solution for our client’s questions. The whole social aspect truly fed into my personality and my hunger to learn more, to be a part of the dynamic and innovative industry. I was excited to jump in!

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