Driven to constantly test and improve our technology and knowledge base, Canvs frequently conducts studies with leading companies and research institutions. 


Live Viewership

Evidence that Emotional Reactions Drive Live TV Viewership

With appointment viewing on the decline, it’s more important than ever for networks to understand what is driving live viewing. Uncover how Emotional Reactions directly correlate to increased live viewership.


Emotions & TV Viewership

Massive Twitter Study Proves Correlation of Emotions and TV Viewing

In 2015, Canvs conducted the biggest Twitter data viewership study ever to prove that emotions are correlated to program ratings. There's now no reason to think 'hate-watching' is such a bad thing anymore.


Audience Fluency

Tests Show Canvs 200% More Accurate Than Traditional Sentiment Analysis

Canvs’s Emotional Reactions are more accurate at understanding how your audience actually feels. Using the Season 5 Finale of Teen Wolf, we’ve shown how Canvs is 200% more accurate than sentiment analysis at understanding the wide emotional spectrum expressed by today’s fragmented consumption audience.


Advocacy & Promotion

Study Reveals Correlation of Emotional Reactions to Genre-Specific Programming

Canvs’s Emotional Reactions are indicators of audience loyalty. Across comedies, dramas, and reality competitions, we’ve proven that Emotional Reactions to programming beget Emotional Reactions to programming, allowing networks to optimize strategies informed by these genres’ unique emotional footprints.


Show Renewals

Researchers Predict Ratings and Renewals with Nothing More Than Emotional Reactions Data

Canvs’s emotional data can predict show renewals an average of three weeks prior to a network’s announcement, demonstrating how social media can be an indicator for making key programming and marketing decisions.


Ad Recall

Study Demonstrates High Correlation of Emotional Reactions to Ad Recall Levels Post-Airing

Canvs has proven that higher Reaction Rates drive significantly higher ad recall levels and those who Tweet with high intensity are 3X more likely to remember an ad.


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