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To give you more flexibility and control over how, where, and when you receive Canvs analytics and data, all of our solutions can be integrated into your business applications with Canvs APIs. And you don’t have to be a programmer to take advantage of these offerings – our APIs are turnkey and our customer support team is at your service to ensure a seamless implementation.


Many Options to Serve Your Analytics and Data Needs

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Syndicated TV API

Provide data on how audiences feel about any show. The Syndicated TV API offers detailed analysis of public Facebook posts and Tweets around a show's airing. Within our Syndicated TV API, you will be able to explore our data and pull linear airings, linear recaps, or 24/7 analyses.

Use the Syndicated API to: 

  • Understand what moments resonate most with fans.

  • Learn how viewers' feelings about a show or product changes over time.

  • Explore what content types resonate with fans over time.

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Owned Sources API

Get a snapshot of a particular piece of information or an owned piece of data. The Owned Sources API is a way for you to explore aggregated results from your owned Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. Results are aggregated by page, channel, or playlist.

Use the Owned Sources API to: 

  • Determine what is emotionally trending across Twitter TV.

  • Prioritize buying decisions with Emotional Reactions.

  • Discover what people are Emotionally Reacting to across your Facebook page.

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Campaign API

For organizations that run large numbers of campaigns, the process of uploading and managing them can be time-consuming. The Canvs Campaign API automates the whole process by programmatically entering your campaigns into Canvs and coding them according to your preferences. This API also allows you to integrate with third-party products such as SpredFast, ListenFirst, and CreatorIQ.

2018 Canvs Web APIs_Custom Ingestion API.png

Custom Ingestion API

Analyze custom text with Canvs. The Custom Ingestion API provides source-agnostic Canvs emotion measurement for third-party, text-based data. Send the Custom Ingestion API a text-based data file, and Canvs will use its proprietary technology to return an export of its Emotional Breakdown. Not limited to Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube analysis. Give us any text export and we'll give you the Emotional Breakdown.


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