Feel What It's Like to Make an Impact


Canvs is a place where creative thinkers of every stripe have joined to explore the potential of emotion measurement. We are our own team’s greatest fans. We value the experiences and traits that make them unique, more than their CVs. We fill our ranks with people who want to do great work and make a difference in the world. 



Share Our Values

We are good humans.
We want to make the world a better place, starting with our office.

We are transparent.
Our leadership is open and honest.

We are empathetic.
We feel you, and we want to keep it that way.

We are intellectually curious.
Personal interests inspire us as much as professional ones.

We act with high integrity.
We do the right thing.

We strive for extraordinary results.
Every day we give it our all.


Enjoy Our Benefits

On our tight-knit team, every employee has a vital role to play in the growth and success of our company. The benefits and perks that we offer include:

  • Health, dental and vision benefits

  • Free snacks (obviously!)

  • Free coffee, free beer, free deliciousness

  • Unlimited time off

  • Regular employee events

  • Summer Fridays


Work With Our Tech Stack

Our tech stack empowers us to interpret and measure emotions at a high scale with large amounts of data. 



  • React.js

  • Relay.js

  • Sass

  • D3.js


  • Java

  • Elastic Search

  • Node.js

  • Database: MongoDB & MySQL


Meet Some of Our People


"I love working in a place that we really enjoy spending time with one another, and more importantly at a company where we always support each other."

Lisa Leung
Management Consultant


"I get excited every time a client gets that ‘aha’ moment using Canvs."

David Benson
Senior Director of Client Services

CANVS_07172018_00228 copy.jpg

"I’m finally able to pay off the more qualitative-type asks that I get from my customers."

Gustavo Chavez
Sr. Enterprise Account Manager


I can say from our own experience that the hard work of making sure people are heard and building a strong culture has driven a multitude of benefits for the company.
— Jared Feldman, Founder & CEO of Canvs

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